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Agnum-talks is a project of business communications and business tourism agency Agnum about modern Netherlands.

We talk about the country's innovative achievements, technologies and all modern trends. Our speakers are entrepreneurial rock stars who have rebuilt businesses to meet all the requirements of the Dutch government and have succeeded in this: hoteliers and restaurateurs, ship captains, farmers and just experts. They share their experience, boldly voice the numbers and demonstrate the underside of the business.

Agnum-talks was created for those who are ready to absorb knowledge, change and make the world a better place!
ECO boats in Amsterdam.
Learn amazing facts firsthand.
How has a motorboat built in 1910 turned into an electric boat? Vintage Dutch saloon boats with teak ceilings and decks, panoramic windows and a spacious bar - low, heavy, greedy for diesel fuel. It is inconceivable that such a vessel could be powered by a battery. However, the owner of five pleasure boats on the canals of Amsterdam, Tommy van Riet, proved that
nothing is impossible by upgrading all of his five boats in 5 years. As it turned out, this costly undertaking quickly pays off: in 2-3 years, an electric boat starts to make a profit again. Today Tommy shares his experience with us and encourages us to be greener.

See in this issue:

2.00 – Why did it become necessary to transform diesel boats into electric ones?
2:35 – Benefits of electric boats for passengers
3:00 – Benefits of electric boats for the owner
3:55 – How often do you need to recharge the batteries?
4:20 – Practical advice. Why are lithium-ion batteries preferred? How much does it cost to re-equip one boat? Where and how are the batteries located? How many hours and in what mode is autonomous sailing possible without recharging?
6:10 – Which elements make these boats environmentally friendly. Why did the owner give up plastic dishes in favour of glassware? How did Tommy manage to preserve the ancient wood of the boat with the help of modern means?
7:38 – What does a boat charging station look like, and who can use it? Economic and legislative prospects for the transfer of the entire Dutch commercial fleet to electric traction

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We would like to thank our partners, who helped us preparing this issue:
Interview- Private boat tours https://privateboattours.nl/

Principal Analyst and Sustainability Consultant Maria Bloemarts-Kharitonova

Drone video - Sofiya Shovikova https://instagram.com/shovikovasonya?...

4 June 2021
Conservatorium Hotel
Surprising secrets of a five-star Amsterdam hotel
The five-star Conservatorium Hotel is 120 years old. And as guests enter its doors, they are taken aback by the combination of beauty created by modern designers and history, which has been carefully preserved in every brick. Built as a National Savings Bank building and later home to 3 music schools under the common name of "conservatory," the house was purchased by the new owners and rebuilt into a hotel. An amazing transformation awaited it, aimed not at renovation, but at the reconstruction of the original historical appearance and maximum preservation of natural resources. The result of the effort has been repeatedly recognized with world-renowned awards and is now the benchmark for many hotels around the world.

Watch in this issue:

1:39 – How did a UNESCO-protected building become a hotel?
2:01 – How was it possible to restore the original look of the 120-year-old building?
2:50 – The hotel's unique collapsible glass lobby.
3:26 – Efficient use of water: in the event of a fire, water from the hotel's pools will be used first for the sprinkler extinguishing system.
3:44 – What should a green light be?
4:10 – Fair trade labeled products. What companies does Conservatorium not work with and what products are fundamentally not used in the restaurant kitchen?
4:39 – Cocktail pasta tubes and other alternatives to replace plastic.
5:09 – Hotel sustainability awards. What is a "Luxury Positive Brand Group?"
6:19 – Air conditioning and seasonal heat storage: how to store heat in summer and cold in winter?
7:26 – How to cut water consumption in the shower by half? The new life of unused shower gels and soaps.
8:06 – Introducing guests to Dutch culture: porcelain, exhibitions by local artists, and access to a "living library" - experts in different fields in the city to help travelers get to know the city better.
9:12 – How does Conservatorium motivate employees to get to work by environmentally friendly modes of transportation?
10:25 – Electric Vehicle Chargers
11:00 – Future plans

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We would like to thank our partners, who helped us preparing this issue:
Interview - Conservatorium Hotel www.conservatoriumhotel.com/

Principal Analyst and Sustainability Consultant Maria Bloemarts-Kharitonova
3 September 2021
Johan Cruijff ArenA
Smart soccer stadium, energy storage and a good neighbor
In 1993, the Dutch stadium was supposed to be just a new home for Ajax soccer club. But 15 years later, it has set its sights on leadership in sustainability in Amsterdam. The main goal of the Johan Cruijff ArenA is to become a climate-neutral venue. But do fans and spectators have any idea what's behind it? In this issue, you'll find out that the turf may be more technologically advanced than any gadget in the hands of the average person. Together with Johan Cruijff ArenA's Director of Operations, Development and Innovation, Henk van Ran, we looked into the changing rooms, cooled by water from a nearby lake. We tasted the sheep cheese supplied by the farmer in exchange for the grass cut from the field. We marveled at the existence of an energy storage facility made from 148 batteries of used Nissan Leaf vehicles. Saw 4,200 solar panels from a drone flight.

Watch in this issue:

01:35 – How do world tournaments use the expertise of Johan Cruijff ArenA stadium experts? What motivated the choice of location for construction? Form of ownership, goals and mission.
03:34 – The course for sustainability: where did it all start?
04:12 – How can a nearby lake cool an entire stadium?
04:30 – How many thousands of solar panels are needed to run the Johan Cruijff ArenA?
05:14 – Unique energy system and storage: storing and storing energy in end-of-life car batteries.
08:10 – Vehicle2Grid project: charge your car or sell the energy of its battery to a stadium.
09:10 – Social Responsibility: training projects for immigrants, women and neighborhood youth to fight unemployment and discover new abilities in everyone.
13:28 – The circular economy: grass cuttings in exchange for cheese.
14:23 – What's behind a high-tech field recognized as one of the best in the world?
15:29 – Building a recycling plant to produce energy near the stadium as a way to reduce CO2 emissions and make your own fertilizer from organic waste.
17:16 – Why is the country's national symbol more expensive than money?
19:23 – Football players' locker room.
19:41 – The most unusual stadium events: the royal wedding and the funeral of a famous singer.

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We would like to thank our partners, who helped us preparing this issue:
Interview - Johan Cruijff ArenA https://www.johancruijffarena.nl/home/

Principal Analyst and Sustainability Consultant Maria Bloemarts-Kharitonova https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariakhar...
28 dec. 2021
Tables made out of potatoes, bee hotel and a Michelin chef.
The restaurant of the future from the Netherlands.

Still, not everyone is associating concepts of "sustainable" and "eco–friendly" with high class. This video about Green House – a pop–up restaurant in Utrecht – will fundamentally change your perception of the level of establishments with a sustainable development model.
Peter Scholte earned his Michelin star as a head chef of a restaurant in Norway. In the Netherlands, he is known for his participation in the opening of the famous restaurant The Duchess at the W hotel and the Mr Porter steak house, as well as for the restyling of the NH Krasnapolsky hotel. Today he tells us about running a completely different type of venue.

In this issue, you will learn about the existence:
– lamps that count the number of visitors in the restaurant and change the level of lighting based on those results
– rented chairs, payment for which is taken only for the time when visitors are sitting on them
– the wall of an old broken refrigerator that replaces paper
– waste–free production
– kitchen workers who get the opportunity to start a new life in a new profession after facing difficult life circumstances
– soundproof and insulating panels filled with old clothes
– carpets from fishing nets
– hotel for bees
– tables made of old grass and potato starch
– a building that can be disassembled to the ground and constructed again in a new location

This video will revolutionize your understanding of sustainability!

18 june 2021
Equestrianism in the Netherlands.
The story of the move and the lives of two champions.
The story of how equestrian champion Ksenia Barinova moved her horse from Russia to the Netherlands. About the peculiarities of care, the cost of keeping in the Netherlands and why there are so many world-famous athletes in the northern country. Aristocrat and Xenia conquer! After watching this video you may have a strong desire to get into equestrian sports!

Watch in this issue:

0:56 – The story of Xenia's championship
1:22 – Aristocrat's move
1:42 – Netherlands Champion
2:07 – The most expensive horse
3:00 – How much time does the sport take
3:37 – Equestrian School
4:05 – Horse Maintenance
4:30 – Tanning, Manicure and Other Treatments for the Aristocrat
5:20 – What's Behind the Scenes
5:25 – Care of your pet
5:49 – Fun fact about horseshoes
7:05 – Stall, food and daily routine of the horse

Sponsor of the project Agnum talks – agency of business communications and business travel Agnum

We would like to thank our partners, who helped us preparing this issue:
Interview – Ksenia Barinova Instagram br_ksusha0
17 feb. 2022
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